Wee Wisdom Preschool offers a unique curriculum which honors the different learning styles of all children by incorporating art, music, yoga, nature, language, math and sciences into our lessons.

Preschoolers will learn by using both Montessori and traditional materials, which allow for many creative, manipulative and practical life opportunities. We know that plenty of movement and play activities are essential to a balanced learning experience. Little explorers will enjoy our spacious, natural surroundings and large playground.

  • MON – THURS 8:30-1:30

The Perfect Fit

Wee Wisdom Preschool parent

Parents with New Infants: Savor some bonding time while big brother or big sister has fun learning.

Social Seekers: An opportunity for your child to make good friends in a great setting.

Stay at Home Mom: An opportunity for you to get done what needs to be done in your very busy day, while you give your child time to explore, learn and create.

Mompreneurs: When you need some time to take care of business, so that “together time” means “quality time.”

Our Philosophy

Wee Wisdom Preschool is based on the interactional position that each child has inherent directives that guide their emotional, cognitive and social development and which are nurtured and cultivated by their surrounding environment.

All of the children at Wee Wisdom Preschool receive a foundation of love, nurturing, and respect, from which they gain a sense of knowing their importance as human beings. It is clear to the children and their families, that they are loved, cared for and safe in an unbiased and diverse cultural .